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Olivi Keur is one of only two stallions awarded the KEUR predicate by the KWPN, standing in the United States. This recognition was appointed to Olivi due to his consistency as an FEI sire and his own FEI career which boasts a long list of achievements. First, he won Reserve Champion in his age division in Den Bosch. Then, in his first two years at stud, he produced two approved sons and many sport horses that now compete at Z-level through Grand Prix.

Olivi’s sire is Jazz, is consistently in the top of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses dressage sire rankings. Jazz’ sire Cocktail was a renowned Grand Prix competitor under Anky van Grunsven. More than a sport horse, Cocktail also proved himself as a breeding stallion by siring several approved sons and Grand Prix offspring, including Havel, Kappuchino, and lmperioso. Both Jazz and Cocktail were awarded the preferent predicate based on the outstanding past and present performance of their offspring. Cocktail’s sire Purioso earned the keur predicate, which means that Olivi descends from three consecutive predicate stallions on his sire’s side. Olivi also boasts an impressive dam-line. His dam Halla Utopia, a former Small Tour horse, is by the keur stallion Aktion, who competed at Grand Prix with Hungarian rider Guylla Dallos. Several well-known Aktion offspring that also competed at Grand Prix include Galliano, P.Atlantis, Finesse, and Feliki. Furthermore, Aktion’s sire Pion produced the KWPN stallions Argus and Democraat, and Pion is the grandsire

of such horses as the KWPN approved stallions Houston and Tuschinski. Transvaal, Halla Utopia’s grandsire on her dam’s side, and Pion are sons of the Thoroughbred Abgar xx. ln addition, Amor, the great-grandsire of Pion and Jazz, appears twice in Olivi’s pedigree.  This pedigree is also impressive because Olivi descends from one of the most famous lines in Dutch breeding, the expansive Utopia-line, which includes several branches that have produced very good jumpers as well as dressage horses. These are both close and distant relatives of Olivi, such as Arko lll (Argentinus x Beach Boy); the KWPN stallions Premier (Robin des Bois x Talisman xx) and Radar (Cocktail x Le Mexico); and the international jumpers Loretta (Gentleman x Maykel), lt’s the Business (Jasper x Le Mexico), Now or Never (Burggraaf x Jasper), Darco (Lugano van la Laroche x Codex), and Opium (Obrecht x Overste). Two of the several international dressage horses out of the Utopia-line are Zaloete (Saluut x Doruto) and Harald (Uniform x Duc de Normandie).

Jazz (Cocktail x Charmante)

Permission Granted by Haras du Feuillard

Halla Utopia

Olivi was bred by Hans Ligtvoet and his father-in-law Huub Visser, otherwise known as the Livi Partnership, which began breeding horses approximately 25 years ago. Ligtvoet explains: “We were always looking for good horses, but good three-year-old mares are expensive and hard to find. Then, one day I was driving on a provincial road, and I happened to notice a gray mare trotting in the pasture next to the road. Her trot was amazing. I could tell she was pregnant, and I made a mental note of it. Some time later, I was driving down that road again, and I saw the same mare but this time with a foal at her side. The foal had a beautiful front end and moved with power and balance.

I later found out that the mare was by Aktion, a stallion that I’ve always been crazy about. Not long after that, we went to talk to Halla Utopia’s breeders. Even before we met them, I told my father-in-law that we had to have that foal, even if it meant paying the full price.” And that is how Ligtvoet and his father-in-law came to own Halla Utopia, Olivi’s dam. The filly grew up and successfully competed in the Selection. Later, Wil Schellekens rode her in the IBOP, where she received 9s for her walk, carriage, and temperament. Halla Utopia’s first foal, Lady Utopia ster (s.Nimmerdor), won all-around champion at age three in the North Brabant Central Selection and competed twice in the National Mare Show. According to Ligtvoet, the mare had beautiful conformation and fantastic movement.

Next, Halla Utopia gave birth to the Purioso daughter Magic Utopia elite, whom Ligtvoet and Visser kept and currently use for breeding. “The mare is a typical Purioso, and she passes on a lot of movement. We’ve sold five of her foals through auctions,” says Ligtvoet. The following year Olivi was born, who was originally named Olympic Utopia. Ligtvoet: “l had seen Jazz at the Stallion Selection, and I thought he was a worldclass horse. He has long front legs and a great front end. Of course we had Halla, who has a lot of power, so we figured it would be a good match. And the minute Olivi was born, we knew we were right. He was a bold, handsome foal with a nice head – there aren’t many like him. We looked at one another and said: ‘He looks like he is a good one!’ Everyone who saw him thought he was a really good foal.”

Halla Utopia competed for several years during which she proved herself a quality horse with spirit. Ligtvoet attributes her temperament to her pedigree: “Halla was almost too willing; she would just keep on working. Abgar’s in her pedigree twice, and I think that’s where she gets her ‘drive’to work. Her second rider was Petra Zwart, who showed her in the Small Tour. I think Halla really had the talent to become a top dressage horse.” With Olivi’s success, the partners decided to end Halla’s show career and turn her into a full-time broodmare. “Her next foal after Olivi was Talent Utopia (s.Flemmingh). She brought the highest price at the Esbeek auction, € 18,000. The following year, her full brother was born, Unlimited Utopia. Next came the Krack C daughter Vanity-Utopia ster EPTM, a small but high quality blood-type mare. And she was followed by a San Antonio (s.Sandro Hit) filly, a United filly, and two Rubin Royal colts, one of which fetched the highest bid at the 2006 Oirschot auction (€ 40,000). After that, Halla was empty a whole year’ but this year she threw a blood-type filly by Wynton,” exPlains Ligtvoet’

Furioso II
Alinda (Old)
Keur Pref Prest
Le Val Blanc xx
Ulster Nimmerdor (Pref)
Lucky (Ster Pref)
Keur Pref
Amor (Pref)
Sport- (Dres) Elite
Pion Abgar xx (Keur)
Irma La Douce (Keaur Pref Prest)
Keur Pref Prest
Celmina (Kroon Pref)
Keur Sport
Transvaal Abgar xx (Keur)
Liliane (Keur Pref)
Duc de Normandie (Pref)
Hellen-Utopia (Ster Pref Prest)