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Olivi turned heads even as a foal’ Ligtvoet: “A lot of people were interested in him after he was selected for the Foal Championship in Arnhem, but we weren’t ready to let go of him at the time. lnstead, we sent him to lrma Sieling, who raised him for us. Even though he was out of the ‘spotlight’ for two years, people didn’t forget about him. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I got a call every month from someone wanting to buy him. But we agreed that we wouldn’t sell him. After 21/2 years,we sent Olivi to Henk Wieberdink – a true professional – who prepared him for the Stallion Selection. Henk and Olivi had a real bond; that horse did everything for him, and Henk said Olivi was a true Jazz’ He did a great job preparing him for the Stallion Selection.” After the first round viewing, the buyers came forward again. “Everyone wanted him. lt was the same story at the second round viewing. We thought Olivi would make it to the Champion Selection, and we were right. This was before specialization, and ten stallions came back in the ring for the Champion Selection.

In the end, two remained: Oramé and Olivi. Oramé won. Nevertheless, we were incredibly proud and happy because Olivi was the reserve champion of the world’s greatest studbook – that’s some achievement! Everyone wanted to buy or lease Olivi. After the event, we went to a bar to celebrate. We figured if everyone wanted him now, they would still want him tomorrow!” Ligtvoet and Visser chose not to sell Olivi’ who became the first approved son of Jazz. He was sent to lmke Bartels for training because of her careful approach’ Olivi was progressing well until he sustained a severe tendon injury that resulted in a three-month lay-up. Upon his recovery, he was required to take part in the stallion competition, despite being behind in his training and unprepared for the competition. Ligtvoet: “lt’s unfortunate that a lot of people these days only look at what the pretty picture and don’t consider a stallions breeding qualities. I think that cost Olivi lot of breedings.”

Eventually, Bart Bax started showing Olivi. The combination won Dutch Champion at Z level dressage and started competing in the international Small Tour. Despite his success in the show ring, Olivi bred fewer mares each year. “There came a point at which we had to do a cost/benefit analysis. We figured out that Olivi needed to breed a lot of mares to cover his expenses. At that point, we arranged to send him to Germany to stand at stud. He was supposed to go to Harli Seifert (breeder of Rubin Royal, among other horses). However, a French buyer expressed interest in Olivi the same year at the 2008 Stallion Selection. We thought things over and decided to sell him to the French buyer.” Olivi’s new home is Haras du Feuillard in France, a facility that houses 30 dressage broodmares. Valérie Burban of Haras du Feuillard explains: “We were interested in Olivi because of his bloodlines and offspring. We spent some time tracking the show results of his offspring, and when the opportunity arose, we decided to buy him. Since then, some of our mares have given birth to his foals, and they look quite promising. Olivi has a wonderful pedigree, and his offspring have spectacular movement. We have high expectations for them.” Olivi has competed several times in France in the national Small Tour.

  • In 1999, Reserve Champion Stallion of KWPN Stallion Selection in Den Bosch
  • He has a Dutch Sire Index for dressage of 168 (reliability of 68%) – currently Index of 183 (reliability of 90%)
  • He was successfully ridden by Bart Bax at the level of International Small Tour
  • In 2000: 9th place PAVO Cup Finals for 4-Year Olds
  • In 2005, he brilliantly won two international events at the Ermello ZZ Grand Prix, and placed third in the Wintercup.
  • In 2006, he received a grade of 68.02% and won at Uden
  • In 2007 and 2008, Olivi was first in the Netherlands for sires of competing progeny aged 7 to 9 with an Index of 168 (85%)
  • In 2008 he ranked 4th in the Young Riders French Championship, St George level, with Raphael Thomas.
  • In 2009, Olivi competed on the national and international circuits, winning the A7 events, and taking 2nd in the Prix St Georges at Etrier de Paris, first on the A7 and the Intermédiaire 1 at Royan, first on the A7 and the St Georges in the Second French Championship at Fontainbleau and first at the A7 at Mans in June 2009 with young rider Raphael Thomas
  • In 2008 he ranked 4th in the Young Riders French Championship, St George level, with Raphael Thomas.
  • In 2009, Olivi was approved to reproduce by the Selle-Français studbook
  • In 2011,  Olivi was labeled “Keur” by the KWPN stud book.
  • In 2014, Olivi ranked 2nd Internationally for the best KWPN stallions behind his father, Jazz
  • In 2016, Olivi was purchased and imported by a private owner in the United States and became one of only 2 breeding stallions in America with the KEUR predicate
  • In 2017, Olivi is standing his first season in the US at the world renowned Hilltop Farm in Colora, Maryland