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The predicate “KEUR” is allowed when the production of a stallion shows itself excellent with regard to that of the other stallions in sports and morphological criteria. In practice, it means that a stallion has to have a sports index of more than 140 with a high percentage of reliability. The capacity of the stallion to pass on a good model also plays an important role for the obtaining of this predicate. A stallion filling all the sports conditions for the allocation of the predicate KEUR can be deprived of it if it does not pass on a beautiful model in its production. The selection committee of the stallions KWPN decided that OLIVI (Jazz x Aktion) deserves the predicate ” KEUR ” based on its high genetic value and the qualities which he passes on in his descent of more than 7 years which distinguishes itself at the highest international level.

Within just the first two years alone of his breeding career as a stallion, Olivi produced approximately 175 foals. About 30 horses from the T and U years are competing at Z-level dressage, and many more are competing at M-level. In addition, Olivi has one Grand Prix offspring: Triviant. ln 2005, Triviant was sold for € 420,000, the highest bid at the P.S.l. auction. Other offspring from Olivi’s first and most productive years at stud include Unanda (ds.Ulft), the National Mare Selection Reserve Champion, and Ultrafox (ds. Kaiserstern xx), who finished eleventh at the same selection. Another notable U-year horse is Freebird Ucelli T (ds. Gribaldi), who won PAVO Cup Champion under Hans Peter Minderhoud and claimed the silver medal at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden. Recently, the combination won the Dutch Championship in the Small Tour. Olivi’s sons UB 40 (ds.Michelangelo) and Universeel (ds.Zuidhorn) are approved stallions. UB 40 placed third in the Champion Selection and brought the highest bid by far at the KWPN Select Sale. Additionally, Olivi now has an approved grandson: Apache by UB 40, the

Reserve Champion of the 2008 Stallion Selection. Olivi also has talented daughters, many of which have received high scores in the ability tests. For example, Udora scored a 9 for her trot and an 8.5 for her canter; Virginia I received a 9 for suppleness and passed her test with 82.5 points; and Vilucienne earned an 8.5 for suppleness in the IBOP. These results and dozens of others have contributed to Olivi topping the breeding values list of stallions with offspring ages seven through nine who have exhibited great success in the sport. With 168 points and a high reliability of 85%, the stallion has a 1 5-point lead over the number two horse. Ligtvoet: “Young Olivis have a lot of energy, which can work against them; however, that energy works for them when they’re a bit older. I thought that Olivi would pair best with blood-type mares, but now I think he should be bred to big mares. He passes on a nice head and guarantees powerful hind legs. He also passes on good balance, which you can see with horses like Ucelli and Unanda. When they start moving, you forget everything else.”

  • Ucelli T National Champion of the Pavo Cup in 2006 at Ermello. His rider, Hans-Peter Minderhoud won the 2009 St. Georges Prix in Gelderland by Freebird-Ucelli by Olivi.
  • UB40, étalon exporté, est 3e du Championnat des étalons KWPN en 2004, et gagne en 2006 la DG Cup Bar avec un score de 81,5%.
  • TrivianT 2 est vainqueur du GP et 2e du GP spécial au CDIO de Saumur, 2e du GP de Stockholm, 4e des GP au CDI**** d’Aachen, au CDI**** de Lingen, au CDI**** de Dortmund, classé 44e mondial en 2009 au classement WBFSH.
  • Unanda Champion of 3 year-olds, CK Zermelo, Reserve Champion NMK, 2004
  • Ulissa 2nd in the Pavo-Cup for 5 year-olds, CK Gorredijk in 2006.
  • Nieuwmoed’s Travolta: Winner of the NRPS Pavo Cup in 2004 at Gorredijk
  • Universeel: KWPN approved stallions with excellent scores on their performance tests.
  • Virginia: IBAP 2006. 82.5 points
  • Viluvienne: 4th of 3 year-olds in the main competition at Venghel.
  • Udora: performance test scores: Walk 8, Trot 9, Gallop 8.5, Dressage 8.5
  • Ulrike: Performance test scores: Walk 8, Trot 8.5, Gallop 8.5, Dressage 8
  • In 2006, Olivi’s first offspring started competing on the national level, at the age of 6, and several have reached the Grand Prix level: UCELLI T, TRIVIANT 2, TAMORA, TRAVOLTA’S NIEUWMOER, UNETTE, USER.
  • In auction, Olivi’s offspring are in high demand. Three of his offspring sold for a total of 690,000€:
  • UB 40: KWPN selective auction in 2004: 145,000€
  • TRIVIANT 2: Prestigious PSI auction in 2005: 420,000€ (purchased by Anne Katrien Linsenhoff, International Dressage Rider) – Ranked among the 600 best Grand Prix horses at the world level by the WBFSH in 2008.
  • UNANDA: Performance Plus auction in 2006: 125,000€
  • Olivi was ranked in the KWPN Bewaarboek in 2008-2009: 1st for sires of competitive progeny aged 7 to 9 with a Dutch index of 168 (85%).

Approved KWPN Stallion

Ucelli T
National Champion Pavo Cup, Ermello, 2006

Donacelli T
Ermelo KWPN Final 20 Stallions Selected

According to Arie Hamoen, Stallion Selection Committee Chairman: “Olivi has a dressage sport breeding value of 168 with 85% reliability, based 91 offspring in the sport and 121 offspring evaluated on free movement. His oldest offspring in the sport are now between the ages of seven and nine. Olivi has an excellent upper beam score for movement: 113, which is very high. His conformation score of 103 with 9% reliability is slightly above average. With a score of +0.37, Olivi slightly increases the size of his offspring. He passes on a short, vertical, heavily muscled neck and a long croup as well as front legs that are back-at-the-knee and feet that toe-out. He also passes on sickle-hocked hind legs. Olivi scores exceptionally well on all aspects of movement, which translates into a good upper beam score for the trait. When paired with long-lined mares that have sufficiently long front ends and correct hind legs, he is indeed a sire who passes on good movement.”

Successfully Competing in Grand Prix

Olivi Daughter Winning at Grand Prix, IBOP Test at Esbeek

2nd in the Pavo-Cup for 5 year-olds, 2006

Purchased by Iron Spring Farm – Sire of Approved Stallions in Europe